Annie Keeling, MFA
Parent Educator
Build your solid foundation while they're small. Thematic parenting tools based on child development increase the child's ability to learn to be respectful, responsible, and reliable - yes, even at an early age - and aid the child's behavior management from the inside. Benefits are less chaos and frustration, more fun and joy, and children who naturally step into happy, productive lives. What you need to gain good footing is right here!

Release Stress with Pressure Release Valves

Just like adults, children get stressed. Sometimes it might be hard to tell that our children are stressed, and if so, what is stressing them. This is an area where it is important to look closely with your parent detective senses. What behaviors might you find if your child is stressed? Maybe you notice a new habit like nailbiting or bedwetting. Maybe your child


Simplify Parenting by Simplifying Life

Embrace experience over things and “enough” rather than always more. – Dr. Kim John Payne As we look for ways to calm our children, better understand them, and guide them through early childhood, a cluttered house and over-filled schedule can add to a sense of chaos for children. Their brains are growing rapidly and there is so much going on inside – it’s helpful


Help Your Child Make a Change

As is expected, children are constantly changing and growing. With change and new experiences can come anxiety and off-track behaviors. More opportunities for independence and freedom can bring up difficulties with separation from the parent. Fall is the time when many families either start new activities or join a preschool or daycare situation. This is a very exciting time as we are given a