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The Media Battle Ground and 6 Tips That Work

You’ve heard about all the research. Media kills brain cells. Children who play video games do worse in school. Creativity is thwarted by media. So you limit. You restrict. You answer with a no more often than a yes. There is tension and raised voices. You BATTLE. A common outcome is for the parent to impose a limit or a punishment onto the child.


Who Else Wants a Smarter Child, a Better Reader, and a Calmer Life? Get Rhythm!

Check out my guest post on Music Teaching and Parenting’s site. It’s all about Rhythm and what it can do for you and your child: Click HERE to see more.

The Perils of the “SEND” Button (or “Would you say that to her face?”)

I’m so pleased to introduce Fern Weis of Your Family Matters. She is a certified coach helping parents of teens to change silence to sharing, apathy to responsibility and to raise them to confident, self-sufficient adulthood. As the founder of Your Family Matters, she works with parents privately, in groups, and leads a variety of in-person and virtual workshops. She is also  a middle school teacher,


Brainy Brownies

What? Brownies? I know you thought this site was about children’s behavior. Well, kids need lots of vitamins and minerals to help their brains learn – and the brain gets really involved in learning new behaviors. So that brain needs good fuel. My son likes white foods. He’s one of those. Been that way he was a very little guy. At ten, there’s more


Failure-Proofing Your Kid (and yourself)!

I’m excited to share this guest post by Angel Rodriguez of Wise Learners. He is an educator with over 17 years of experience in early childhood education. He currently works as a Parent Instructional Support Coordinator for the largest school system in Georgia, specializing in brain-based learning. He’s also served as a foster parent to children with severe physical, emotional, and mental disabilities. He’s


Music Makes Parenting Easier

I love how much easier music makes everything. Here are FOUR surefire ways to use music to make your parenting life easier. 1. Find a Signature Song First pick an easy go-to song that you can use for most everything. It saves you from running through a list in your head, trying to decide, and most likely, missing the moment where a song was


A Comes Before B

Of course, A comes before B in the alphabet. But what does that mean in parenting? It means the child needs to BECOME ELIGIBLE. They need to fulfill certain expectations before they have privileges. Here’s an example. Most children love sweets. They want dessert. Healthy foods often pale in comparison. My son loves dessert. When we told him, “You’re not eligible for dessert until


When Education is FLIPPED

Has anyone else heard of FLIPPING the instruction? The lessons happen at home. Using technology, teachers create the lessons to be viewed on different devices – computer, iPad, mobile devices etc. The “homework” happens at school. Aha!! Check out Clintondale High School’s approach: Curriculum content is right there on the website – actual lessons for english, math, science, and SS. The lessons alone


Two Canoes: Separating from Parents

Of course, it’s already starting. As close as the three of us are, Zed is spending more time on his own. He wants more peer time and less family time. As my friend Ben said, my son is “growing away.” The main focus of “growing away” is giving the child permission to make their own decisions – and allowing the child to deal with the


Another Kind of Distance

In an earlier post, Close the Distance, the idea was to get closer in physical proximity to avoid raised voices, tension, and misunderstandings. What about closing another kind of distance – a distance that may have developed when what the parents are doing isn’t working? Or when children get to that age where they seemingly want little to do with their parents? Prepare Before closing this