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Lullabies to Savor – Twilight Comes Tiptoeing

With much enthusiasm and a pull on my heart, I highly recommend Ginger Parish’s CD of Lullabies, Twilight Comes Tiptoeing.  The poignant songs remind me of those precious moments when I sang to my small boy as I helped him fall asleep.  I also remember my mother playing simple songs on her old guitar, soothing me when I was sick or couldn’t sleep. These are


Six Words You Should Say Today

Not too long ago, I wrote a post about praising kids called The Harm in Praising Kids. A discussion followed on ways to show encouragement and be motivating without promoting the need for validation. Six simple words solve this dilemma beautifully. This concept comes from a blog post you should read by Rachel Macy Stafford who is the Hands Free Mama. I highly recommend her