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Give the Gift of Open-Ended Toys

Look at the adorable Minion. There are so many cute movie-themed toys. Or toys with given names and personalities. Or toys that do something when you push a button. Toys that flash and move and give temporary delight. They all scream, “Buy Me” and children cry, “I want them.” Irresistible? Seemingly so. The message to the parent is, “Don’t deprive your child. If you


Five Things to Say to Your Child

Have you ever experienced¬†any of the following? (Or overheard them with another family?) Your child refuses to listen and continues to pour syrup on the kitchen floor even as you are yelling, “STOP!!” Your child tells you how awful dinner is after you cooked all afternoon. Your child put his socks in the hamper. “Good job.” Your child finishes breakfast. “Good job.” Your child