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Help Your Child Make a Change

As is expected, children are constantly changing and growing. With change and new experiences can come anxiety and off-track behaviors. More opportunities for independence and freedom can bring up difficulties with separation from the parent. Fall is the time when many families either start new activities or join a preschool or daycare situation. This is a very exciting time as we are given a


The Power of Touch

Loving Touch One of the most powerful ways to connect with your child is through touch. Hugs, holding hands, the sitting-in-lap connection, wrestling, and floor play all have benefits for parent and child. Human touch is vital to healthy brain development. In a Psychology Today post titled “The Neuroscience of Calming a Baby,”1 Christopher Bergland writes of the role that the cerebellum plays in proprioception –


Bring in Early Childhood Preferences to Increase Learning and Connection

How can we light up children’s brains so they most easily learn? How does better understanding their development increase our connection together? The Young Brain Sometimes young children seem like a different species entirely from the adults who parent them. Conflict can occur just because the two people involved see the world very differently. This is partly due to the way the brain develops.