Annie Keeling, MFA, is an educator, writer, music teacher, parent, and founder of Start Small Parenting.


Annie has degrees from UCLA, Goddard College, and UW-Madison. She is a parent coach and educator. She also teaches live Start Small Parenting classes in Northern California. In addition, she teaches parent/child early education Music Together classes as well as JamAlong Music, children’s group music and movement classes for preK–2nd graders. Her parenting tools and strategies blend her father’s 3R’s Behavior Education with experience and knowledge of early childhood.

Annie with her two brothers, Mark and Ben

Father’s Influence

Her father, Gailen Keeling, was a family therapist for over 45 years and created the 3R’s Learning Center for Behavior Education. Throughout her life, Annie has had in-depth talks with her father about the challenges his clients faced and how he helped them move through those challenges. She was also fortunate to work with him closely,, training in his 3R’s strategies and editing his teaching manuals. Even more importantly was the profound effect her father and mother’s parenting style had on Annie and her two brothers.

Becoming a Parent

Annie is privileged to bring these tools and strategies into her own parenting.

Zed Annie noses
Annie and Zed, Summer Fun at the Lake

Her son, Zed, born in 2002, teaches Annie the most important parenting lessons!


Barry and Annie

Fantastic Partner

She shares the parenting role with her husband of 30 years, Barry Friedman. It was love at first sight when she met Barry, an entertainer of the wildly successful juggling duo, the Raspyni Brothers. He is also an entrepreneur, having created Showbiz Blueprint and 30 Days Sugar Free.

This phenomenal husband and father shares Annie’s ideal of raising a healthy boy through conscious parenting.

Three of us
Annie, Zed, & Barry