Gailen at Family Reunion

Gailen Keeling, L.L.D, M.Div., LMFT, is Start Smalls’s go-to parenting expert. He is currently a consultant for the Mid-Valley Counseling Center in Salem, Oregon, which he founded and then directed for 30 years. He is also the creator of the 3R’s of Positive Behavior. Much of his experience and methods are shared here at Start Small Parenting.

Gailen has degrees in business, law, theology, and counseling and his life experience informs the parenting tools he has developed.

  • His experience as a JAG officer in the US Navy helped him understand the pressure on families dealing with frequent moves and separation issues.
  • Serving as an Assistant City Attorney helped him understand how alcohol, drugs and gambling could break a family apart. In private practice, he saw how complex the legal system seemed to those going through adoption and custody proceedings.
  • As a bank officer, he saw how the ways families spent, borrowed and saved their money affected their well being.
  • His work with community and church related groups showed how effective education and support can be to a struggling couple or family.
  • Overall, he observed that those being successful in all walks of life were consistently respectful, responsible and reliable.

As his experience and career grew, he developed ways to help parents learn these 3Rs and how to teach them to their children.

He is so happy to be working alongside his daughter to encourage and help grow healthy families.