Great Resource: 3R’s Learning Center

The 3R’s of Positive Behavior is an excellent manual for educators. There are a lot of GREAT classroom techniques that can transfer to parenting as well.

The 3Rs are Respect, Responsibility, and Reliability. If you like the idea of Thematic Parenting, this is a “Go-To” resource.

This manual is written by my father, Gailen Keeling. I grew up with first-hand experience of many of the techniques used in this manual. My father was a very successful Marriage and Family Therapist. My brothers and I were directly influenced by his work as it grew. Throughout my life, I have had in-depth talks with my father about the parenting challenges his clients faced and how he helped them move through those challenges. As an adult, I became even more interested in his theories and applications. I was fortunate to work with him closely as an editor on this book. Then I was gifted with the role of “parent” and began to practically apply his ideas.

My father has exposed me to many cutting-edge parenting ideas. As I studied and gathered more information on my own, I realized that some of the popular parenting ideas in our culture are not very effective. A culture may embrace and pass down a parenting style or idea that is comfortable because it is known – others are doing it and there is safety in numbers. My father’s parenting techniques are effective. They help to create healthy families and parents who enjoy their parenting. I continue to delve further into these teachings that create the foundations of this blog.

You can order the manual here.

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  1. This book, I’m pretty sure, is the reason we had a kid after 15-years of marriage. Gailen was writing this book and kept sending Annie drafts to edit. I read it, too.

    Towards the end we were wondering if this really worked and next month we were pregnant.

    It works – I love this book. The entire idea of Thematic Parenting (vs. Situational Parenting) was a game changer. I see people all the time doing the situational thing and I just get exhausted.

    I’d recommend this book to everyone with a child. It’s based on 30+ years of research from a marriage and family counselor who’s main goal with his clients was to not see them again. Remarkable.


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