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How to Do a Do-Over

A Do-Over is an opportunity to repeat a behavior with the guidance of the parent. Any time you want to instill a new behavior or you want your child to have more respectful behavior – these are good times for Do-Overs. From chores to sibling disagreements, re-doing the scene not only allows for another try at doing it respectfully, but it stops the child’s


Better Communication Through Personalized Stories

It’s not always easy communicating with our early childhood kids. Often, as soon as the child becomse verbal, parents are off and running with lots of words. There is often more “telling” than showing.  When trying to teach your child a new idea or action, it can seem like “in one ear and out the other.” The parent’s repeated and lengthy word count can


From Concerned Parent to Curious Detective

The responsibility of raising children raises concerns. There are the daily issues like our child’s sleep, nutrition and safety. There are larger concerns of health and well-being that include our child’s development, temperament, resilience, or happiness. How can we, as parents, discern what our child needs, especially if they are off-track in some way, whether that be developmentally or with behaviors. A Curious Parent