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Touch, Balance, Move – Encouraging Sensory Integration

Young children live and learn through their bodies. Without the distraction of verbal language and with immature cognitive development, young children live and learn through their bodies. They grow and learn about the world through their developing senses: vision, taste, smell, auditory, tactile (touch), vestibular (sense of balance), and proprioception (body awareness). We can help children to integrate what is received through these senses.  Learning to have


From Concerned Parent to Curious Detective

The responsibility of raising children raises concerns. There are the daily issues like our child’s sleep, nutrition and safety. There are larger concerns of health and well-being that include our child’s development, temperament, resilience, or happiness. How can we, as parents, discern what our child needs, especially if they are off-track in some way, whether that be developmentally or with behaviors. A Curious Parent