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Bring in Early Childhood Preferences to Increase Learning and Connection

How can we light up children’s brains so they most easily learn? How does better understanding their development increase our connection together? The Young Brain Sometimes young children seem like a different species entirely from the adults who parent them. Conflict can occur just because the two people involved see the world very differently. This is partly due to the way the brain develops.


Touch, Balance, Move – Encouraging Sensory Integration

Young children live and learn through their bodies. Without the distraction of verbal language and with immature cognitive development, young children live and learn through their bodies. They grow and learn about the world through their developing senses: vision, taste, smell, auditory, tactile (touch), vestibular (sense of balance), and proprioception (body awareness). We can help children to integrate what is received through these senses.  Learning to have


Give the Gift of Open-Ended Toys

Look at the adorable Minion. There are so many cute movie-themed toys. Or toys with given names and personalities. Or toys that do something when you push a button. Toys that flash and move and give temporary delight. They all scream, “Buy Me” and children cry, “I want them.” Irresistible? Seemingly so. The message to the parent is, “Don’t deprive your child. If you