“Ready, Set, Go . . .

Parents, Grandparents, Educators, Friends of Parents, and anyone who interacts with children:

Welcome to a site devoted to distilling  massive amounts of parenting information into nuggets of gold. All with the intent of helping parents get into and stay in their parenting groove.

You can start using what you learn here right away. And parenting will become easier, more enjoyable, and even more of a fantastic adventure.

The first thing to do is check out the Newcomers Page that will give an  overview of this blog. The About Page will give you information about me and my background and the mission of this blog.

This site will provide BASIC STRATEGIES that help to set a respect-based parenting foundation. There will be THEMATIC ideas as opposed to a focus on situations. There will discussions that involve questions, answers, my experience, experts’ advice, and the experience of other parents.

I have had loads of fun learning about parenting from my own experience and an exposure to incredible resources. Please visit weekly as I will continually post new information, respond to comments, and encourage discussions.

Let’s get started . . .



2 Responses to ““Ready, Set, Go . . .”

  1. This ‘thematic parenting’ thing has been the best experience of my life. Thanks for bringing it to our family.

    I have such a smart wife – she even thought of creating this blog 🙂

  2. Yay, Annie! Congrats on the launch and thank you in advance. I admire you greatly and am so glad to have a place where I can pick your brain without taking up more of your precious family time being on the phone with you for hours! I look forward to the learning!


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