Your Own Special Whistle

whistlerIn a recent post, “Close the Distance,” I talk about the importance of literally closing the distance when communicating with one another.

Beth Gillogly is a parent as well as Director of Sierra Foothills Music Together, an early childhood music program. She wrote the following comment:

“I find that when I stop and connect with my daughter, eye to eye, the results are much better. Also, because I am a singer, I am consciously trying to never yell in order to preserve my voice, even if I am just calling to my daughter in the backyard or at school. So we came up with a whistle that is my own special call for her. When she hears it, she knows I am trying to connect and she has her own little melodic response. Then she knows I need to talk with her and she comes closer so we can do that. For meals, I have a special song I whistle so she knows to come to the table. It has been working well.”

This is a wonderful idea. We have a special whistle to call Gracie, our Border Collie. It’s time for Zed and I to make our own. 🙂


3 Responses to “Your Own Special Whistle”

  1. I think anything that stops the typical call and response where parts #2, #4, and #6 are all, “WHAT?” is a good idea. Well done, Beth!

  2. Katie G

    Absolutely loving you blog. I’ve been sharing you with all my friends.
    Keep up the great work!


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