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From the Inside Out: Self-Regulation

What is Self-Regulation? Self-Regulation is the ability to have conscious control over impulses. This is a function of the executive center of the brain – or the neocortex – an area that develops later in small children than some other parts of the brain. Development of Self-Regulation There are three main factors that influence the development of the ability to self-regulate: biology and temperament, developmental


A Big Red Circle That Says Punishment – With a Line Through It

I’ve tried punishment. It doesn’t work. Well, it might work. Actually, it’s pretty darn effective at creating an immediate behavior change – maybe even more than just short-term behavior change. But at what cost? Who benefits from punishment? In the bigger picture – no one. Certainly not your child. In many circles of parenting, private corporal punishment is looked at as an ineffective form


Helping Children Succeed in School

Parents want their children to do well in school. You may already implement early bedtimes, assist with homework, limit sugar in lunches, and discuss on-going updates with their teacher. Here’s a few more ideas for helping your with homework and doing well in school: The Conversation The more I know about my son’s school experience, the more I can help it be a good