Start Small Parenting Class – Live in Grass Valley, CA

A Joyful Experience in Raising Young Children


Join Annie Keeling and other parents for 6 group sessions. Together, we’ll explore the pitfalls and traps that drive parents when trying to get their child to change behaviors. You’ll learn thematic tools that can be used for these behaviors and take away a blueprint to make parenting easier and your family connections stronger.

The punitive model of parenting – threats, coercion, yelling, shaming, isolation – yields immediate results but the cost is high. Not only does punishment often make the child feel unsafe, this outer form of control interferes with the child’s ability to develop self-discipline and responsibility from the inside. Just as problematic is the Wait-and-See method, hoping the child outgrows the behavior. Either of these can make for disrespectful or fearful kids and then, unreliable adults who have trouble managing themselves, especially in relationships. This class provides a chance to teach you and your child another way.


Some of What Will Be Covered
Group Talking

  • Misbehaviors: Not Listening, Tantrums, Hitting, Refusal, Sleep, Sharing …And More. Learn how to respectfully help your child with the toughest behaviors.
  • Needs: Explore young children’s needs and the coping behaviors they use to get them met.
  • Natural Authority: Define parents’ natural responsibility and how it fits into family-centered homes.
  • Parenting Partners: How to work with the other partner and get the support and self-care you need.
  • Whole Brain, Whole Body: Child development and how it relates to learning, behaviors, and parenting.
  • Anger Snap: The actions, words, effects – and using pattern interrupts to break the cycle.
  • Punishment vs Consequences: Replace threats, coercion, yelling, and punishment with positive corrective experiences.
  • Thematic Parenting: Rather than be drained by addressing each situation, learn to use themes to make your parenting easier.
  • Yes and No: Learn when to have Necessary Nos and how to use your Yesses.
  • S.A.F.E: Stop doing the Happy Dance and learn how to help your child with resilience, big emotions, and self-control.
  • Guerrilla Lovefare: Help your child learn with creativity, surprises, and a sense that you – the parent – have got this!

Annie_HeadshotYour Instructor

Annie Keeling, MFA, is a parent educator, music teacher, and writer. She teaches Start Small Parenting classes in Nevada County as well as ⁠Music Together⁠ for families of young children.

She teamed with her father, Gailen Keeling, a family therapist of over 45 years, to develop Start Small Parenting. She has a B.S. in Dance Therapy & Education from UW-Madison with an emphasis on early childhood education, an MFA in Dance from UCLA, and an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College. She also trained with The Center for Music & Young Children of Princeton, NJ.

In addition to parenting classes, she has taught early childhood music and movement classes for over 20 years.



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What: Parenting tools to build a respectful foundation for the early years
Who: For parents of young children (ages 1-5)
When: Thursdays 5:30 – 7:30 pm
Dates: 6 weeks, Feb 18 – March 31, 2016 (skip March 24)
Where: The Nest, 107 W Main St, Grass Valley
Cost: $75 person / $100 per couple
Returnees: Half Price: 35.00
More Info: Annie Keeling • 530-210-1100 •

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