SingAlong Storybooks

Singalong Storybooks are the brainchild of Music Together, the international, research-based, early childhood music program. What a GREAT idea! They have taken several songs from their music collection and created a storybook around a song.

In this video, Susan Darrow, Director of Educational Services for Music Together, clearly explains a variety of ways to interact with your child musically at home using these Singalong Storybooks. One of my favorite songs they have chosen from their collection is, “She Sells Sea Shells.” It has an unforgettable melody that conjures images of expansive beaches, treasure hunting in the sand, color identification, and the shells that thrive in that environment. I have trained with Susan Darrow and her expertise, patience, and ability to bring ideas to life shines through in this video.

There is also an “Hello, Everybody” book, as easy to use as the Sea Shells book. If you have a child under 5 at home, how can you resist sharing this incredible experience? I give it a THUMBS UP, FIVE STARS and an “I love this!!” 🙂


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